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Remember to set the Content Type when using Static website hosting for Azure Storage

Currently I’m playing around with the new Static website hosting for Azure Storage feature which has recently been launched in public preview. This allows you to serve static web content (HTML, CSS, JS, images) directly from a dedicated blob directory inside Azure Storage without setting up any kind of web app or proxy function.

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Using QnA Maker as Scorable in Microsoft Bot Framework

Building bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework is fun, but a complex dialog structure can get out of hand quickly. While juggling different types of nested dialogs with follow-up questions and adaptive cards I wanted to be able to answer simple questions at any step of the conversation. Queries like “what can I say”, “contact

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WebView & UWP – Freeing up Memory

This week I was working on a Universal Windows Platform app that needs to show a website inside a WebView for several hours at a time. Unfortunately after a few hours the app took all the RAM it could get due to some memory leaks inside the WebView which I don’t have any control over.

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MCP23017-E/SP with DragonBoard 410c on Windows 10 IoT Core

The last few days I was trying to add additional GPIO ports to a DragonBoard 410c running Windows 10 IoT Core. I chose a MCP23017-E/SP chip that will provide you with 16 extra GPIO pins through I2C. Getting it to work is actually not that hard, if you can (unlike me) avoid those few nasty pitfalls.

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Scraping Websites using Azure WebJobs, Node.js, jQuery, Async.js & gizp

In this post we’ll look at scraping Websites on a regular basis using Azure WebJobs & Node.js (jQuery / cheerio) and returning the data as JSON. In the example below we’ll each week grab the apps that are on sale as part of the “Red Stripe Deals” in the Windows Store. The resulting app details will be put into

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